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About Zaecy

Zaecy is a brand focused on bringing inclusive, multi-utility activewear that blends innovation with style. Creating the perfect balance between fashion and comfort, Zaecy strives to inspire everyone to push to be their best version every day. Seamlessly integrating with your daily routine, the vast range of activewear is designed keeping the motto 'Made to Move' in mind, encouraging everyone to take one step every day into the world of fitness.

The Zaecy logo represents the first letter of the brand name and reinstates the fact that everyone is a reflection of one's self. Others' perceptions should not influence one's life journey. The ticks in the logo mean that your consciousness is directing you on the right track, and you just need to believe in yourself. It helps you discover your inner self and choose what is right. Whatever your decision, we are there to support you on this journey.

The = sign in the logo stands for gender equality as both men and women create balance on this planet. Mother Earth (Her) and Peacock (Him) inspired the logo's colour. We want to bring colour to people's lives, so our range of athleisure and activewear is vibrant and energetic. The beautiful shades represent life, and to sustain ourselves on mother earth, we need water and land equally. Similarly, we need food and exercise in the right balance to have a healthy life. So the shade also represents our physical and mental well-being.

01. Mission

To encourage mindful movementand promote a healthy lifestyle thatprioritises mental and physical well-being for families worldwide. 

02. Vision

To create a global community of individuals leading a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature and become the leading family-oriented athletic wear brand worldwide. 

03. Made to Move

Our world consists of diverse, unique individuals, and we believe diversity must be celebrated. Zaecy prides itself on being an all-inclusive brand that offers a vast range of activewear in unique silhouettes to cater to different workout needs. Our clothes encourage you to move throughout the day by providing you comfort coupled with effortless style.